Neo-Paganism: Globalism’s New Glue

Neo-Paganism: Globalism’s New Glue

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Neo-paganism. You can see its resurgence in movies, video games, and music. It is influencing body art designs and diet and has undergirded the “green” movement.

Gone are the days of the Christian worldview in pop culture. The new worldview? A revival of ancient paganism, but repackaged on the world’s “buffet table” to allow everyone to choose whatever god or practice is right in their own eyes.

What is neo-paganism and how does it differ from actual paganism? Is it part of the New World Order? If so, what is its role? What kind of ministry can we expect in a neo-pagan world?

Join Pastor Mike Golay in his teaching, “Neo-Paganism: Globalism’s New Glue,” as he unveils this growing movement and equips believers to confront it with the power of Jesus.