Discovering Daniel Study guide

Discovering Daniel Study guide

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A Deeper Dive into Daniel

In Daniel, we see God’s faithfulness to His own on brilliant display, as well as His incredible and perfect plans for the future. This workbook companion to 
Discovering Daniel offers a wealth of additional content to further enrich your study of Daniel, highlighting its strong ties to the book of Revelation and helping you abide in God’s sovereignty and love.

In this illuminating resource, you will find 

  • guidance on how to best interpret and understand the book of Daniel in connection with other the prophetic parts of Scripture, especially Revelation 
  • insights that lead to a fuller understanding of God's purposes and plans for both today and the future 
  • wisdom, from Daniel’s bold example, for engaging today’s contentious cultural climate with unwavering faith  

In a culture fraught with fear and discord, Bible prophecy helps soothe our anxious hearts while deepening our trust in God’s providence and care. The Discovering Daniel Workbook will help you apply the remarkable insights of Daniel to your daily life, emboldening you to live with hope and confidence.